LNRRABC Yeni 2MM 1000 Adet DİY/el Yapımı Yuvarlak Çek Kristal Cam Spacer Gevşek Tohum Takı Bulgular Takı yapımı Boncuk

Etiketler: Çek Kristal, tohum boncuk takı, 1000 Adet, Ucuz Çek kristal, Yüksek Kaliteli tohum boncuk takı, Çin 1000 adet Tedarikçiler.

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Yeni 2MM 1000 Adet DİY/el Yapımı Yuvarlak Çek Kristal Cam Spacer Gevşek Tohum 2mm Ücretsiz Kargo Öğe türü glasss boncuk Malzeme cam,kristal Qaunlity 1000 adet/sürü Renk kırmızı,mavi,sarı,yeşil,turuncu,mor,beyaz,siyah,gül,pembe,karışık renkli yuvarlak Delik boyutu 0.2 mm Boyutu yapımı Takı Bulgular Takı Boncuk

  • İçin kullanın : çekicilik bilezik için,kolye
  • özel: Evet
  • Malzeme: Cam,Kristal
  • Öğe Türü: glasss boncuk
  • Model Numarası: 2mm boncuk
  • Ağırlık: 2mm beads seed
  • Marka Adı: LNRRABC
  • Boyutu: 2mm
  • Dış Çap: 2mm
  • Madde Çapı: 2mm
  • Maddenin Şekil: Yuvarlak
  • İnce veya Moda: moda
  • renk: kırmızı,mavi,sarı,yeşil,turuncu,mor,beyaz,siyah,gül,pembe,karışık renkli

  • Paket Boyutu: 15cm x 9cm x 6cm (5.91in x 3.54in x 2.36in)
  • Ünite Tipi: (1000 adet/lot)lot
  • Paket Ağırlık: 0.1kg (0.22lb.)

Roma16 16
beads good, шёл only long, to two months иркутской area. satisfied commodity впринципе. thanks to seller
Smoker97 By
for thank, color are very beautiful than the picture) not seller recommend this разочаровал me)
Pasha Kazn
казани shipping to 3 weeks. packaged neatly, colors match photo., of course, whether in 1000 pcs, bags because the kind of small. can due to small beads that. but, in general, satisfied order
Voiaka 89
заказала 13.12.17, sent the same day delivery, received today, 16.1.18, увед and. 15 was, last night but (18-19) no more it in a drawer morning and have. quality is good, as say specials, дырочки big, can be many times, beads smooth, original czech, of course (there all completely different) оооочень g is chinese-but also quite from far, same before i (color) at покупала in the city quality has been there so бяка complete, подкупала but price, how much important price is here and ()-aaaaa (fine) here in my opinion. more than 10 (ordinary where i фасовка покупала before) but 20g and not true, and here in one bag солидное qty. color is gorgeous, rich (special as say) in general the заказывала and i like. shorter satisfied very, and recommend seller. other color'll more then it must buy. this seller before i also same покупала felt satisfied.
думала bag will be more satisfied anyway i but.

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