Parti için İpek Düğün Dekorasyon için Yapay Çiçek başları ,kelebek orkide Çiçek Orkide

Etiketler: çiçek, düğün için çiçek, Orkide Çiçeği, Ucuz çiçekler, Düğün için yüksek Kaliteli çiçek, Çin orkide çiçeği Tedarikçileri.

₺69.98 ₺194.47
  • Stokta var
  • u4251

  • Marka Adı: LİN ADAM
  • Stil: Çiçek
  • Model Numarası: LİNMAN0003
  • Yazın: Dekoratif Çiçek & Çelenk,İpek Çiçek
  • Fırsat: Parti

  • Paket Boyutu: 30cm x 20cm x 5cm (11.81in x 7.87in x 1.97in)
  • Ünite Tipi: parça
  • Paket Ağırlık: 0.15kg (0.33lb.)

Rachel 1606
moved husband we are not so long, decor purchase items so so far. colors i home growing in terms of enough безответственная personality, live and we already погибала orchid. bloom care and no-faux could buy decided by all year round! russian ha orchid delivered by 2,5 week in plastic bag, tightly packed in bubble film. not dress none помялся! smell smell-me pleasantly surprised when unpacking, fragrance and color! stalk was very long, therefore was folded in half, easy-разогнулся wire inside. cool colors are very quality, one орхидеями affinity with one. white classic i chose расцветок among 5, my choice and порадовал me very. order in this shop'll again!
шикарнейший flower. заказала пришёл to молилась and safe and sound. shipping about 2 weeks. and ordinary пупырей was packed. all but fortunately whole. dark pink заказала looks chic. plausibly is very. flowers large size big veined. very showily. not open more have flower and steam бутончиков. foot have flower big. putting into long can safely vase. uniquely recommend. class goods
Death For Life
simple flower шекарен made as real. stem plastic wire and inside if откусывать укоротить захочет who need cutting pliers. yourself flowers nice soft flower can safely. fast 12 days more'll taking.
Elmas 254
very beautiful rose orchid in white normal and пупырчатый was packaged in paper envelope flower, but повредился lucky flower, come safe and sound. стебелька consists of 1 flower, запаянного on close. they wire inside, rubber coated outside and some. stem is very long, length can be so what you need to do such a. very large flowers and beautiful, are made of soft rubber. looks very natural. fast shipping, just 10 days to брянск city. отслеживался track. recommend to purchase.

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